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The Prizes I Won, and a Prize for You!

Remember the Freshly Blogged competition?

It’s almost a month later now and I still get asked about the prizes I won and my reason for being chopped, which I certainly owe you for all the support and votes I received. So here it is! A round-up of everything…

Week 3:

2013-07-30 04-27-21 PM

My first win in the competition and I was over the moon!

The Salton hamper included a convection oven, breadmaker, coffee machine, two blenders, electric can opener, 4 slice toaster, kettle, electric carving knife, waffle maker, doughnut maker and a cupcake/mini pie maker.

DSC_0046 Each appliance comes with a recipe booklet for inspiration until you get the hang of things and feel confident enough to create your own.DSC_0032This oven is really huge, a heavy 12 litre bowl that can easily fit a leg of lamb inside. It crisps and browns in less time than a regular oven I believe. DSC_0043 DSC_0042 DSC_0041

Week 10: photo 1The Jamie Oliver Homecooker and Chopping Tower is not something I would go out and buy on a whim, but it is growing on me and I may learn to love it! It chops directly into the pot, you set the timer and step away while it stirs for you. Perfect for curries, stews and risottos that need constant supervision. It also has a steaming basket and pasta insert. Recipe posts to follow. DSC_0011 DSC_0013The recipe book. DSC_0015The Cutting Tower can be bought separately for R999. jamie_oliver_homecooker

Week 11:photo 2My last and final dish got the fabulous R5000 Le Creuset hamper! Ironically, I was chopped by the judges the same week I wont the most public votes. Reason being that the judges felt my burger was too simple and it wasn’t technically a ‘burger’ because it wasn’t a patty. Thinking outta the box doesn’t always a winner make! DSC_0017This is my favourite prize by far. Le Creuset SA was kind enough to give me a voucher to redeem in-store instead of sending me the pre-selected hamper. I went for two bigger sized pots instead of four small ones.  DSC_0022b26cm round casserole and a 30cm buffet casserole in shades of blue. With the change I got the red baking dish, spatula, stainless steel handle for the turquoise pot and a fridge magnet :) DSC_0023 DSC_0030 DSC_0040

I have an extra blender and I want you to have it!

Leave your name in the comment box below or on the Facebook Page (Like it while you’re there) to stand a chance of winning this blender, perfect for summery smoothies, smooth soups and sauces.


To ensure all fairness, this little guy will randomly select a name :)

Expect many recipes using these appliances and gadgets in the future, and I will let you know which ones are worth purchasing.

Have a wonderful weekend xx

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38 thoughts on “The Prizes I Won, and a Prize for You!

  1. Well done Shafeeqa, these prizes are great! I really enjoyed following and voting for your wonderful food creations each week :) .Please post more recipes in the future?

  2. Well done on all the awesome prizes Shafeeqa! You deserve it! That blender sounds wickedly useful. Consider this my entry :)

  3. Zuleigha Dhansey

    I was sorry when I heard you got chopped although you did win those beautiful le Creuset pots so there was at least a silver ( perfect shade of blue) lining. I enjoyed and looked forward to checking out your adventurous food inventions! Well done!

  4. Fingers crossed this lil cutey picks me, my blender broke and I’m in desperate need of a new one! Lol
    Twitter & instagram: nabster1412

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