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October in Instapics

photo 2(2)

My washi tape switch cover, a DIY post coming soon / Duck egg blue for the kitchen.

photo 3(2)

Sunday afternoon tea time.

photo 3_2

Salted caramel obsession / I opted for the kids combo at the movies, and fondly ordered the grape Slush which turned out to be horrendous, not how I remembered it to be!

photo 3

Roasting pepper / SS14 wrapped up in my corner (for now)

photo 1(1)

Monday night dinner: Creamy chicken and mushroom pasta, with loads of Parmesan, chilli and sour cream for extra creaminess / Tuesday night dinner: Couscous made with chicken stock, spicy chicken, roasted butternut, stir fried broccoli, feta, coriander.

photo 1_2

Marcel’s / Milky Lane

photo 1(3)

Suigo products! I am officially in love and highly recommend. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and the improvement in the texture, shine and smoothness is remarkable. 

photo 1

Baby boy / Dad’s shoes for DIY around the house.

photo 2(3)

Brother love / Donuts

photo 2_2


photo 3(3)Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for this lovely blender! Add your name in the comments here or on the Crushland FB wall here.

The winner will be announced on Friday :)

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6 thoughts on “October in Instapics

  1. Me, me, me!!!! Please pick me for the blender lol! With new baby starting solids, its like a dream come true hee hee hee xxx
    Please post the recipe of that creamy pasta, looks AMAZING, not to metion the granache on that choc cake!!!!!

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