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Portraits: Doing your thing

Even if it’s just being .

A performer backstage at a belly dance show.

Rollerblading at Deer Park.

The artist who sells his wares outside The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay.

Capoeira at Muizenberg

A man sitting in a deserted soccer field on a Sunday morning, in slippers.

Fishing in Kalk Bay.

Yogacharya Master Prabhuji at a yoga retreat.

Kash Athanatos from Rhythm Nouveau Dance Studio.

During a Nikkah (Muslim wedding ceremony).

A content little baby tied to his mother’s back.

Having ice cream on the stoep.

Eying that plate of treats, pretending not to care.


My dad, in his favourite space.

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4 thoughts on “Portraits: Doing your thing

  1. Love the roller skating picture!!! I dunno how to explain it but your pictures just catch something and you can feel it.

    Love you! Xoxo

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