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La Pineta, Stellenbosch

La Pineta is a restaurant situated in a pine forest and is part of a stunning wedding venue. It’s further than we would usually venture in the quest of culinary delight but it was well worth it! The drive was part of the adventure and I was able to get some heart-shaped bokeh shots along the way thanks to my little home-made ‘device’ : la_pineta_6

la_pineta_2la_pineta_3la_pineta_4la_pinetala_pineta_5We’re here! Blaire Witch Project-stylela_pineta_starter1Goats cheese and caramelized onion tartlet, very flaky and buttery pastry.la_pineta_starter2Tempura prawns on aubergine, tomato and avocado tower with Japanese mayo and sweet chilli sauce.la_pineta_8la_pineta_mains1Oven-baked Line fish on new potatoes, with roasted cherry tomatoes, rosemary and tzatziki. It was neat little tower, but looked so amazing that I forgot to take the before pic. The basil in the potato bake was a delicious touch, along with the basil oil drizzled around the plate. la_pineta_mains3Thai red chicken and prawn curry in coconut cream, and served with basmati rice and a poppadum. “Exactly like I had in Thailand!” : )la_pineta_10la_pineta_dessert1Lindt Chocolate Torte with French vanilla ice cream and a chilli orange and berry sauce. There, all the good parts highlighted!la_pineta_dessert2This deserves two pics, it was so heavenly. See how it’s pouting and posing? Such a flirt. It knows exactly how amazing it is. The texture is velvety and dense, so luscious it could barely come off the spoon. The ice cream had black dots, yay! Real vanilla here. la_pineta_dessert5Light & rich. I know that sounds like a contradiction but that’s exactly what this was. Cheesecake with almond and biscuit crust, drizzled with blueberries.


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