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Lightpainting with Sparklers

I found these old photos and had to share them. We had such a great time doing these one cold wintery night, armed with boxes of sparklers and matches. This was taken with a very low shutter speed (about 7 seconds), which means that the shutter snaps open and records everything the light touches (and all light sources) for 7 seconds, then shuts again. This is a trial and error thing and you have to use a tripod with self-timer to prevent shake (and to get into the photo yourself!).

crushland_lighpainting1Trying to stand as still as possible so I don’t appear blurry, while concentrating on creating a star. You’ll only know if it was successfully accurate when you check the camera display!5751096514_f80e26d79e_bLeilah doing her name backwards for the camera. 5751090422_a845fd4c16_bThat’s me behind Hisham doing his outline. 5751089546_b6ee182c7c_bWe love cake. Can you tell? crushland_lighpainting2Quickly drawing everything in under 8 secs and before the sparkler burns down to my fingers. 5750545693_5600676fae_bNot sure what I was going for here. 5750547715_9a198b6477_bOn the right you’ll see the path I ran with my sparkler after clicking the camera and running to my position. 5750548647_32e3fc276e_bYasmina 5750549285_8a8184c389_bBecause she is a make-up artist. 5750550383_094a19c57a_bBecause I like fairies. 5750543953_5daa2ec325_b

Have you tried lightpainting, and what kind of light did you use?


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