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Pimp Your Biscuit!

On Sunday we ended up at the new Market on the Wharf at the V&A Waterfront, and headed straight for the Pimp Your Biscuit stall that we heard so much about. This is a new pop-up store by Tamara’s Cut & Bake, where you choose your cookie dough, select three fillings and after nine minutes enjoy it straight from the oven! You can either have it hot and crumbly with melted fillings (delish) or, if you have more self control and patience, wait until it’s cooled down and crunchy (yum). There are six in the box so I suggest you split it : )

Cookie Dough flavours: Choc chunk, shortbread, ginger spice, oatmeal and raisin, peanut butter
Fillings: Goji berries, liquorice, white chocolate, Oreo crunch, hazelnuts, jelly tots, dried cranberries, peppermint crunch, sunflower seeds, dried cherries, and more

R45 for a box of six cookies

crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (1) crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (2) crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (3) crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (5)Uthmaan chose Shortbread cookie dough with coconut, white chocolate and Oreo bits. Mika’eel chose Ginger Spice cookie dough with liquorice all sorts, jelly tots and sprinkles. crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (4)Next step: bake for nine minutes.crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (6)After observing the preparation, there is a chalkboard wall to scribble on and take your mind off the baking biscuits. crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (7)crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (12)While we were waiting we spotted a celebrity! At least, I’m pretty sure he is one. He looks familiar, do you know who he is? crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (8)Finally!crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (13)Cute personalized quotes in each box. crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (9)There was a lot of huffing and puffing going on when the cookies came out of the oven. Too hot to eat immediately, this is the not-so-great part for those who are eager to dig into their creation.ย  crushland_pimp_your_biscuit (10)Ginger and liquorice, my little son’s favourite flavours!

8 thoughts on “Pimp Your Biscuit!

  1. I really love pimp your biscuit,my girlfriend (malikah) works there it. My favourite cookie combo is Choc chunk dough with Oreo,White choc and Macadamia Nuts. Don’t miss out on opportunity to invent your cookie creation.

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