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If Life was a Tea Party, I’d be the Rainbow Cheesecake (Table Bay High Tea)

Because somehow I dressed up exactly like it, without knowing that it would have pink swirls on it this time. We must be soul mates.

There is no better way to end off a proper birthday weekend than with High Tea with your closest friends, and those who could make it joined me at the Table Bay for an afternoon of indulgence. We managed to fit the laughs in and catch up whenever the waitress dragged us away from the table by our ears and returned us to our seats. Somewhere between peals of laughter and sharing stories we managed to escape to the dessert table every once in a while.

For R185 you are served a small platter of savoury treats, followed by scones and the High Tea buffet (with bottomless tea and coffee). We were pleased to learn that for R100 you can skip the savouries and scones (which we never touch anyway) and dive straight into the buffet, with one pot of tea. At a regular coffee shop a coffee and slice of cake can set you back R70, so this is well worth the treat.

There were some new additions as you’ll see below, that weren’t there the last time. You can see the previous post with more cakey details here.crushland_table_bay_high_tea (16)Pink pleats and frosting swirls. crushland_table_bay_high_tea (3)The first course: mini sandwiches, veggie wraps and quiche (already gone). crushland_table_bay_high_tea (1)Fancy strawberries wearing tuxedos just for us, very dapper don’t you think? crushland_table_bay_high_tea (11) crushland_table_bay_high_tea (10)Top left, the scone accompaniments. Top right, Ani can’t wait to come of age so she can skip the Purity desserts and enjoy what the big girls are having. crushland_table_bay_high_tea (9) crushland_table_bay_high_tea (8)Nas and her charming little boy! He has a perfectly round head just like Charlie Brown. Look at that face. crushland_table_bay_high_tea (7) crushland_table_bay_high_tea (4)Rai, always perfectly glam. As far as subliminally colour-coordinating to your fave dessert goes, she would be the Milk Tart : ) Also my “partner in crime”!crushland_table_bay_high_tea (5)Yasmina the Offical Bobbi Brown make-up artist extraordinaire, find her on Instagram: @yasminkie crushland_table_bay_high_tea (6)crushland_table_bay_high_tea (20)It was purely coincidental! I only realized when I uploaded these pics.crushland_table_bay_high_tea (18) crushland_table_bay_high_tea (17) crushland_table_bay_high_tea (15) crushland_table_bay_high_tea (13)Sisters crushland_table_bay_high_tea (12) crushland_table_bay_high_tea (19)

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