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How to Make a Remarkable Dessert (without cooking or baking a thing).

Sometimes you want to make something delicious, but you either a) don’t have time b) don’t feel like cleaning up c) can’t bake or cook to save your life. In other words, you are probably too lazy. But here is a no-excuse needed dessert for any occasion or day of the week. See the basic illustration of how this works, in lieu of a proper recipe, as the very word Recipe is enough to drain the life out of you no matter how bad that dessert craving is.

Base. Filling. Topping. Texture. Acidity. Crunch. Chocolate.

crushland_dessertThis is a mixture of desserts that are firm favourites at our family gatherings, with a lot more toppings.

crushland_dessert15These are my favourite ingredients, my uncle adds malted chocolate balls on the muffins before adding his chocolate mousse. My aunt’s pud is vanilla swiss roll, custard, canned fruit, cream and a good layer of toasted almonds.

Some more ideas:

  • Caramel muffins, custard, cream, crushed honeycomb candy, strawberries, hazelnuts and white chocolate.
  • Chocolate brownies and glazed ginger, dark chocolate mousse, mascapone, candied orange peel and dark chocolate ganache

Let’s begin.crushland_dessert1You’ll need an eager, trustworthy person (who won’t eat everything and lick his fingers), who has enough patience to ‘Stop! Do it again, hold it! Yes!’ crushland_dessert2Start by crumbling the muffins into chunks. crushland_dessert7 crushland_dessert5     I like this Fresh Custard from Pnp, it’s so creamy and thick.  crushland_dessert8Smooth out and then add the cream.crushland_dessert9We could stop here and call it the Chocolate Cream pie, but that wouldn’t be very remarkable now would it? crushland_dessert10Crushing the meringues with your fingers is a very pleasing sensation. I had to take over for this part.  crushland_dessert13Next, add the berries. crushland_dessert11Where to place the first berry? Always a tough decision wen you’re 4 years old. crushland_dessert3crushland_dessert6 crushland_dessert14It’s important for the almonds (or whichever nuts you decide to use) to be toasted. Either in a dry pan on low heat as they burn very quickly due to their oil content, or toasted in the oven. Wait until they are cooled before adding to your dessert.  crushland_dessert17Chocolate. Must. Be. Shaved. Do not grate it finely and do not use Flake. You need great big curled chunks. Some graters have a slice section, or try a potato peeler/cheese slicer. crushland_dessert16 crushland_dessert18There you go. A luscious dessert, without having to wash up much and no baking at all.

If you have a combo suggestion that may be worth a try, leave it in the comments section 🙂

9 thoughts on “How to Make a Remarkable Dessert (without cooking or baking a thing).

  1. I have a very similar recipe…I would use cake sponge, choc cake or boudouir finger biscuits to layer the bowl. Then mix custard and caramel and pour over cake, and whip cream then pouring that over too and then the ready made mousse sprinkled with flake and decorated with strawberries!also no baking and less washing up and ready to eat immediately pudding!

  2. For an adult, non-halaal version, drizzle (or soak) liqueur over the cake base and soak the berries in the same liqueur overnight and assemble as per instruction (not recipe ;-)).

  3. My quick and easy dessert is trifle in a flash, any leftover cake at the base, then open a can of fruit cocktail (or peach slices) canned fruit and pour the juice over to soak the cake.then add the fruit. Add a layer of ultra Mel custard, top with whipped cream and decorate with flake or chic curls!

  4. Hey Shafeeqa, could i use chocolae mousse instead of the chocolate custard ? or does it taste better with the custard filling ?

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