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Bella Vegan Café and exploring Palmer Road, Muizenberg

We popped around to the quaint little Palmer Road in Muizenberg Village one lunchtime last week and discovered that Bolo Bolo has moved! The new place is also a 100% vegan café with a similar feel, and also kept the Mexican hot chocolate on the menu🙂 Bella Vegan promotes slow food, which means that everything is created from scratch, so it’s best if you had no time restrictions to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. Unfortunately we had to get back to work, so while Ru ordered a vegan burger and Lee plumped for the chickpea and mushroom pie (fresh from the oven and still piping hot) I perused the menu but nothing I fell in love with was take-away friendly. I opted for a Belgian waffle from a little place down the road instead. The food had to enjoyed within the confines of the office, but I popped it into the lightbox before we dug in🙂 You can see those right at the bottom of the post. For uninitiated vegan-food consumers, Ru and Lee were very happy with their delicious meals!

Bella Vegan Café website and FB page.

Crushland6 Crushland2Chickpea and mushroom pies Crushland5Crushland30 Crushland4Flyers in the window Crushland7 Crushland1 Crushland21 Crushland20Next, we stopped at The Boardroom to pick up a Belgian waffle for me. Crushland9 Crushland8 Crushland10And some date balls and oat cookies for Lee and Ru. Crushland12 Crushland11Crushland29Crushland23The Village Pizzeria has closed, but used to have a great spinach and feta! Crushland22  Art gallery Crushland20 CrushlandCrushland13Get lost in Gina’s Studio, leather-bound notebooks, arts & crafts, handmade shoes, etc Crushland14 Crushland15    A very friendly local. Crushland16 Crushland19 Crushland17 Crushland24 Crushland18 28Vegetarian patty with beans, chickpea, spinach. A very tasty sauce with hummus and salad on artisan bread. “Best burger I ever had” – Ru27 26My Belgian waffle with maple syrup. 25

7 thoughts on “Bella Vegan Café and exploring Palmer Road, Muizenberg

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  2. Beautiful pictures! Do you know if Village Pizza has reopened or if another restaurant has moved in?

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