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InstaCrush (Lights Out)

Here are a few snaps I took since last week, for a lack of more interesting things to share! photo 2A little dark chocolate/cake/coconut surprise from Y during a power outage last week, as a result of the storm we had. It definitely made the cold and darkness more bearable.Β  photo 1The boys were SO sorry that they finished the marshmallows the day before and had to settle for melting chocolate instead. photo 1_2I craved Macd’s after a week of tuna salads, and ordered 2 x crispy fillets with an Americano. It may not be a really healthy option but please note, no fries and fizzy drinks! I like to think of it as a Diet Meal haha photo 4_2The Coffee Chiffon cake I made for Y’s ma’s birthday. It’s my new favourite cake and my first chiffon cake. I love the texture, so feathery and fine you can almost tear off pieces. photo 3_3I thought I was doing a good, honourable thing by buying these ‘healthy, choc, digestive wheat biscuits’ to keep in my desk drawer for a mid-afternoon snack. But finishing a whole box in 2 days? Not so great! (How cute is the weightlifter? lol!) photo 2_3A dark chocolate ganache and cream cake for my ma’s 79th birthday, with gold dusted gooseberries that were accused of being bath pearls!Β  photo 4On this table you will find a batch of the world’s best brownies with four kinds of chocolate, one being a 78% couveture! This is heaven by Aunty Naadiah πŸ™‚ photo 5_2Little G turns three photo 3_2My bedtime reading list I’m making my way through (The Wanderer is a staple though, my fave re-read). photo 3_4Mugg ‘n Bean with the sweetest little girl!

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