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Anyone for S’mOreos?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And when there’s fire, there should be s’mores!

But these aren’t just any s’mores. These are S’mOreos.

What are Graham crackers anyway?D

Little K will show us what we need. 1Marshmallows on skewers, ready to pass around.

4Or you could be adventurous and use the coconut mallows.

2One box of Oreos.

3A big chocolate, preferably a Bubbly.

EAnd a fire, preferably roaring, but hot coals after a braai would also do.

CThe challenging part is getting the Oreos apart without breaking them. The best technique to use is rotating each half in the opposite direction, very gently. Then add a piece of chocolate and toasted marshmallow. BAnd its ready! JAnd now the best part, as seen here as demonstrated by Little K’s mom.I H L G FSo it’s slightly charred and not very melty. But I was running out of patience for slow roasting to melt gently and evenly!Ā  But you get the idea.A M

I’m thinking… what about coating this whole thing in melted dark chocolate and making S’mOreo truffles?? Maybe next time.

NB: If you can’t wait until the next fire, compile everything and stick it in a hot oven until the mallows melt. Or use candles if you’re feeling lazy šŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Anyone for S’mOreos?

    • There’s no ADDED sugar in this boeka recipe, and no Frying needed so its practically a HEALTH FOOD! Leave tops off and grill it, then put the tops on I think that would work better. Take pics and let me see šŸ™‚

  1. OMW that looks so good!!! I want to eat one now but the problem is if I had to consider making one, I wouldn’t stop with just one…. Life’s little problems! šŸ™‚

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