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Cronuts/ Dough-ssants finally in Cape Town!

Do you know what a cronut is? No? Then let me explain…

In May this year Manhattan baker Dominique Ansel created a croissant/ doughnut hybrid and even had it trademarked. A flaky, crisp-on-the-outside deep-fried confection tossed in cinnamon sugar, filled with a flavoured cream and glazed. People queue for 2.5 hours outside the bakery every morning, and rules include no reselling in the line. Flavours change monthly and include Rose Vanilla and Lemon Maple, for more Cronut™ 101 click here. 

It has since spiraled out of control. You can now find all types of versions from cro-doughs to dough-ssants all across the world. I even came across a cronut burger, like a real burger with the deep fried pastry for the bun. Gross, right? Other weird and wonderful mash-ups include the Pieffle (pie/waffle), Crookie (croissant/cookie), Townie (tart/brownie) and Duffin (doughnut/muffin). What is this world coming to? I like it!

I was having serious cronut envy when it was brought to my attention that it has hit Cape Town! After a few searches I found two bakeries that are making their versions: Jason Bakery in Bree Street, CT and Coimbra in Claremont. I briefed Uthmaan and we set out on our long overdue Mom ‘n Son Day for an afternoon of quality time and cronut sampling…


First stop was Jason’s and the flavour of the day was Lemon Meringue. Thank goodness I pre-ordered because there was nothing left when we got there at 12pm! It’s called dough-ssants here, and its baked instead of deep-fried.  DSC_0068

Finally! DSC_0051

With a flat white for me and a hot chocolate for U, we tucked in. No, we did not finish the box.DSC_0055

Topped with fluffy meringue and filled with the lemony stuff from a lemon meringue.  DSC_0061

Dusted in cinnamon sugar.  DSC_0056

The texture wasn’t as soft and tender as I expected, U kind of struggled with the cutting of it which silently frustrated him, he just couldn’t get it into his mouth fast enough. It tasted like a croissant inside, and the cinnamon sugar gave it the doughnut flavour.  DSC_0062

As you can see, it looked like heaven, and it tasted just as good! DSC_0063

Next stop was Coimbra, everyone’s favourite family-owned bakery.  DSC_0072

I was so stuffed after the first sampling that I opted for the plainest of plain: the cream custard. These babies are deep-fried.  photo 1 photo 2

You can see how crispy the outside is of the fried one and I preferred the texture, but it was quite oily. Catch 22. In all fairness, I think that both should have been enjoyed really fresh instead of in the afternoon. DSC_0074 DSC_0081 DSC_0079 DSC_0083 DSC_0087

The baby cronuts, perfect little cream custard filled bites! DSC_0090 DSC_0094

If you know of any other Frankenstein treats in Cape Town, let me know me know!

Have a fabulous weekend xx

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