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Belgian Waffles at The Creamery

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely break this festive season and all well rested and fresh for 2014. Inevitably, with a new year comes a new list of resolutions. And of course I already broke one (definitely the one about healthier eating). I decided to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

The temptation came in the form of a Belgian beauty of a waffle with 65% chocolate ice cream and all the trimmings. The ingredients are locally sourced and contains no additives and preservatives, so its basically a health waffle and may not have broken that resolution after all?

On Friday I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend Nas during her lunch break and we decided to do a dessert lunch at The Creamery. I’ve indulged in scoops of their fabulous ice cream at the V&A Food Market before but it was my first time at the new little dessert cafe in Newlands. But wait, you really just want to see the pics! Here they are:

crushland_creamery (7)I knew I wanted the waffle, and it was gorgeous. Thick, fluffy and light with a crisp exterior. You can choose one or two scoops… and then add on from there which I only discovered after 10 minutes of deciding which flavour ice cream to choose! You can also add a sauce, a topping and bruleed bananas. Of course I had to add one of each and everything, it was for my blog! 😀 I opted for the 65% chocolate ice cream, salted caramel sauce, toasted almonds and the warm, crackling bananas (sigh).crushland_creamery (5) crushland_creamery (6)crushland_creamery (2)Nas works across the road, and her favourite is with peanut butter ice cream and chocolate sauce and toasted almonds. She’s started training again and eating clean, so she skipped the sugary bananas 🙂 crushland_creamery (3) crushland_creamery (4) crushland_creamery (10)Also, we skipped the lattes and helped ourselves to the jug of lemon water on the nearby shelf instead. Because it’s a new year, and we are good, new people.crushland_creamery (11) crushland_creamery (12) crushland_creamery (9) Personally, I loved everything about this dessert. I like how the chocolate ice cream has an almost chewy texture, the bananas are not mushy and the salted caramel sauce! I scraped out every last bit (with decorum, I used my spoon not my finger) and Nas selflessly offered me her own sauce cup to empty out. Now that’s true friendship.

crushland_creamery (13) crushland_creamery (16) crushland_creamery (15) crushland_creamery (14) crushland_creamery (19) crushland_creamery (18) crushland_creamery (17)

I’m on leave whole of next week and can’t wait to go back. So many flavours, so little time 🙂

6 thoughts on “Belgian Waffles at The Creamery

  1. hahaahahahaa I love that I didn’t have the Bruleed bananas and the lemon water just pushed the fat down and out hahahahaha!
    It was good though!
    Worth the cheat hehehehe!

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