Hi! I’m Shafeeqa and I live in Cape Town. A few years ago I was working full time in the footwear design industry, creating wedding and birthday cakes, and doing photo shoots and freelance photo retouching in between.

I’ve since traded that all in to be a stay at home wife and mom to my two boys and baby girl, now just baking for fun 🙂 I now spend my free time creating/practicing original Islamic art, particularly geometric art and calligraphy -and I still do the photography in between.

My blog has changed so much since it began in 2012 focusing on photography, food, family and everything in between. I hope you’ll something that interests you 🙂

Why the name Crushland?

I’ve been asked this so many times, I may as well just write it down here! When starting the blog, I knew it would be about all the things I liked at the time, ie my current ‘crushes’. I wanted an original name and after playing with many ideas I Googled Crushland and it came up with the least amount of hits. That’s how the name came about,

Contact @ shafeeqa.e@gmail.com

If you find an image you love on this site please contact me for the high res version, or for a print quote.

All images on this website are created by Shafeeqa Effendi for Crushland and are copyright protected. You may use photographs in a personal capacity but please credit if doing so. No photos may be used commercially, or distributed without permission.    Thank you : )

45 thoughts on “About

  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its really all I can say. I love your stuff Shaf. The cake is legendary. God willing I will be getting married next year and I may convince my bride to be that you are the person to make our cake.

  2. Shafeeqa,

    I’ve never followed a blog before – I love yours! I feel like you are my next door neighbor here in Cape Town, doing all the things I have loved while doing them here for this one year I have. Thanks for beautiful …. everything.


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