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A Greyton Weekend Part II

Yesterday I got a call from a lady at the farm, letting me know that we forgot a pillow in the cottage and that she would make a plan to send it down to Cape Town. Isn’t that sweet? Of course I couldn’t let her go through all that trouble, but I appreciated the gesture.

I meant to find out the name of this huge, bossy chicken who roamed around like he owned the place but never got the chance. Does he look like a Nando? Or a Colonel?


Being a chicken like a boss.

He kept the kids thoroughly entertained, who leapt out of bed early mornings to feed him. scenery1 IMG_1547 IMG_1545 scenery10 scenery3The duck is his loyal sidekick, never far behind. Untitled_Panorama1In the afternoon we went for a walk to explore the river and weir. DSC_0906 scenery4 Untitled_Panorama1

This is totally the bridge from The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Is this not the bridge from The Three Billy Goats Gruff?

And found a picturesque bridge along the way.DSC_0915Y’s lovely sister Zainap, the mom of two of my most featured subjects on this blog! DSC_0933 scenery8This is a weir. I had no idea what it was until I saw it. It happens to be the swimming spot in summer. scenery9That’s me, being weir, in 50 shades of grey.IMG_1598We also spotted a friendly water nymph who danced for us. Can you see her? One arm raised high, head back, clutching her bosom.  IMG_1581 DSC_0998The bulls. The meadow in which they graze ends at the side of the cottage, and late one night we must’ve been too rowdy at the fire and one of them came over to moo at us. It was more of a mggrrrhh than neat little socially acceptable moo! DSC_1002 park1After the exploring it was park time. Soon my giggles of glee dissipated into shrieks of terror (and mild threats) when I was pushed way too high, on purpose. park4It looks like a baby swing right? park8This should put things into perspective. park3Jumping was much more pleasant. pasrk2But of course the boys would take it to the next level. park5 park6 park7 park9DSC_0312The girls, being cute as buttons.DSC_0303DSC_0276Our kids were little Bachs, Beethovens and Ray Charles’, and being in the middle of nowhere with no one around to be annoyed we let them play to their hearts content. DSC_0279Some treasures around the place. DSC_0282 DSC_0284 DSC_0274When the cold starts creeping in, we pulled the couches closer to the fire and got ready to snuggle in and get toasty. Untitled_Panorama3

I saved the visit to the Greyton town, which is 30 mins from the farm, for another post. We found an intricate, elaborate doll house that needs lots of post space!

8 thoughts on “A Greyton Weekend Part II

  1. We (Greyton Tourism – have been loving your blogs. We posted the first on our our FB page, and will do the same with this one (and the others that follow). Can’t wait to see the next one. Thank you for doing such a tremendous marketing job on everything that Greyton has to offer.

    • Hi Jennifer, it’s been a pleasure exploring Greyton and to think we only discovered its existence a few weeks ago! We will be returning very soon, and thanks for posting my links xx

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