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High Tea at Mount Nelson

Finally we made our debut on the High Tea scene! It was everything I’d hoped for. Gorgeous Victorian decor and a huge selection of delectable treats. Saturdays and Sundays 2:30 – 5:00pm @ R185. A large variety of tea to choose served in pretty glass teapots, and coffee, which are both included in the cover charge. You’ll find more info Here. Watch this space for more Teas coming soon, there are so many to discover in Cape Town.

Little Miss Muffet enjoying the sounds of the piano.

The opulent spread… savouries on the right and sumptuous desserts everywhere else. everything was dainty and finely made, a feast for all the senses. On your marks…

Our nook. Not too far from the buffet yet private enough to shield our piling-up plates from the other patrons.

The little treats here are tinier than they appear, which is good since you need to try all of them. I would have liked a menu describing what’s on the table though. I like to know what I’m tasting as sometimes flavours are lost on me until someone points it out and it’s a whole new dimension.

In the blurred-out foreground are baby pastries with caramelized onion and sun dried tomato. But I was so taken with the feta & spinach quiches that subliminally it always became the main focus.

See what I mean. (NB the plates are roughly the size of your palm)

The tea! With so many variants and flavours to choose from I enjoyed copious amounts of Oolong tea, thus enthusiastically cancelling out all the calories I consumed for my duration there since it is the Number One weight loss tea. Win!

Red velvet cupcake, chocolate eclairs, flap jacks and a little brown thing with a Lilliputian preserved orange on it .

I love the old world charm.

I felt slightly possessive while observing other people clamouring over my spread. I mean ‘the’ spread. Camera = no free hands = bad position to be in within 2 feet of the table.How we all felt at 5:00pm : )

6 thoughts on “High Tea at Mount Nelson

  1. stunning pics man ……….especially that beautiful little girl in the beginning.She is to precious>Please can we go to Mount Nelson again 🙂

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